New Secondary School questions will be answered today

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Director of Education Clare Browne says all questions about the new secondary school in Tomlinson’s will be answered when the Ministry holds a meeting today.
OBSERVER media has been bombarded with calls from concerned parents whose children are expected to attend the school come September.
The parents say they have few or no details about the new school and no information has been forthcoming about uniforms and other logistics.
They have also expressed concern that teachers have not been assigned to the school and no furnishings and other materials are in place.
However Browne says this is the main reason why the ministry has called all parents and guardians to a meeting today.
The meeting is at 5 pm at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre.
The Director of Education says details about uniform; curriculum and other information will be shared this evening.
One hundred and fifty-one students have been assigned to the school.
Browne says ordinarily, these students would have been assigned to Glansville and Pares Secondary.

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