New route for trail to Pillars and Carpenter Rock in National Park

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PRESS RELEASE – ST. PAUL, Antigua and Barbuda – 29th, August, 2022 The National Parks Authority (NPA) would like
to inform the public of a diversion in the trail system within the Nelson’s Dockyard National Park (NDNP).
An alternate route is now available for hikers and nature lovers to get to Pillars of Hercules and the beautiful Mermaid Gardens. The traditional route runs through private property which has since been fenced. Several trails run through the scenic National Park and have become quite popular overtime.

carpenter rock trail

The National Park is able to make use of available options whenever circumstances like this arise.
Trails to our favorite scenic spots are still very much accessible from the Horseshoe Battery trail along the coast leading to the Pillars of Hercules. The trail continues up the hill to Fort Charlotte and follows the usual path thereafter. The NPA assures the public that trail access to all of the best known spots in this area of the National Park such as Pillars of Hercules, Fort Charlotte, Carpenter Rock/Mermaid Gardens, has not been denied and remains accessible for everyone’s leisure and enjoyment.

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