New quarantine facility to be on stream within weeks

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A permanent solution is set to be in place for the relocation of the government’s main quarantine facility by mid-November.

In September, management at Hawksbill Resort, which was previously used as the country’s main quarantine centre, informed government they would no longer be able to accommodate the facility.

A new site was considered and an interim move made to another hotel in the meantime – Halcyon Cove – which was previously used to quarantine persons. According to Health Minister Molwyn Joseph, the barracks at the former US Air Force base will be ready and moved into within a month.

“The Ministry of Health will not do the actual work, the physical work, but Public Works and the army itself, and they have requested certain equipment and maintenance to some of the operations there. Cabinet approved that two weeks ago,” he said.

“We have a target of being ready at the end of this month to do the transition from Halcyon to the air force base and so I personally have set the target to be the middle of next month just to give additional time to ensure that we are ready,” Joseph added.

The latest available dashboard up to press time revealed there were just two people in government quarantine facilities and 167 in self-quarantine.

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