New powers to see the police access fingerprints database

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A planned amendment to the Representation of the People Amendment Act (2001) will allow police access to a national finger print database among other changes.
Announced by Information Minister Melford Nicholas at a post cabinet press briefing today, the measure is intended to give several government agency’s access to the national database.
“So, we can have that single fingerprint information system supporting crime prevention and management.
We can have the same fingerprint information system to be a part of the issueance of our own passports and to be able to form part of the entire national identity process,” he told the press.
The information minister also said that the proposed changes coincide with ABEC’s submission of recommendations to update the law under which it operates – the same Representation of the People Amendment Act (2001). ABEC wants lawmakers to reexamine voter registration and classification of scrutineers.
“Obviously, we will share more of this information with the public, with the media, and certainly in the debate that is likely to take place in Parliament,” he said.

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