New port gate leads to improved service at the port

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As a new gate comes into commission at the Antigua Port Authority, customers have been told to expect a safer, secure experience when they come to conduct business at the facility.

General Manager of the Port, Darwin Telemaque said between $20,000 to $30,000 was spent to transform Gate 2, the main entrance at the port.

This, he said, was done to provide more comfort to members of the public.

“The Gate 2 area was a very flimsy environment — piece of plywood and shed which was poorly done and poorly constructed — and coming through the gate you step right into the line of traffic with moving excavators and heavy duty equipment.

“We looked at that and decided to change it. What we did was to get two used containers; we bought them at a very good price [and] converted them by joining them together and removing the inside, and created one broad 16’ by 44’ unit,” Telemaque said.

He said the structure was then panelled off, painted and transformed into an office to be used by the public.

The management of the port has also created separate exits for patrons.

“We believe, from what we have been hearing from all customers, that the upgrade is pleasing and they are far more excited about going in and coming out as a result of this new structure that we put in,” the general manager said.

Similar upgrades will also be made to Gate 1 which is used for vehicular traffic in keeping with requirements for the new ASYCUDA system that is now in place at the port.

“We have to ensure that the exit points of the gates are fully computerised and in order to do that the structure has to be upgraded. We are going to use it the same concept with the containers,” Telemaque said.

When the renovations are completed, the port staff, agents, Plant Protection Unit, Customs and Immigration will be relocated.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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