New classrooms at Sir McChesney George almost complete

The two new classrooms being constructed by the Board of Education at Sir McChesney George Secondary School on Barbuda are in the final stage of completion.

This is according to Principal John Mussington.

“The situation as it is now, the building in terms of its structure is 95 per cent complete. They were putting on the finishing touches in terms of the painting and so on, but there are one or two things still to be complete and with the time available it is possible to do it,” he told The Daily OBSERVER yesterday.

However, the principal said his idea of completion differs to that of workers on the plant. While they are working towards Wednesday, September 1, when students begin school, Mussington would like things to be ready by tomorrow.

The principal explained that from management’s viewpoint work for the academic year begins way before September 1.

“For us in administration and those who have to actually manage the plant, the school begins this coming Friday. This is when we’re gonna have the cleaners and so on go in and get everything ready in preparation for the actual functioning of the school.”

He said that staff will have to report for work on Monday, hence his emphasis that everything should be in tip-top shape before the first day of the term.

“The work site has to be cleaned up; everything has to be tidied up, preferably landscaping has to be done and so on and that is what I consider to be complete.”

He said the two classrooms would be able to accommodate the 38 students coming from Holy Trinity Primary School.

Once again, he said there is more to teaching than schoolrooms. These include adequate teaching staff and necessary equipment for the teaching of certain subjects like information technology.

Asked about intervention measures to cope with an obvious problem with mathematics at Sir McChesney George, Mussington said a retired math teacher has offered his services to assist math teachers in Barbuda.

None of the eight students who took math at Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate level this year passed the exam.

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