New Canadian Coronavirus case travelled from Trinidad & Tobago

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(Trinidad Guardian) Cana­di­an au­thor­i­ties say one of sev­en new cas­es of the coro­n­avirus COVID-19 in the Al­ber­ta province, had trav­elled from Trinidad and To­ba­go.

Alberta province's chief medical officer, Dr Deena Hinshaw.
Alberta province’s chief medical officer, Dr Deena Hinshaw.

The province’s chief med­ical of­fi­cer, Dr Deena Hin­shaw said the sev­en peo­ple who have most re­cent­ly test­ed pos­i­tive for the ill­ness, were con­firmed trav­el-re­lat­ed cas­es who are now re­cov­er­ing in iso­la­tion at home with sup­port from pub­lic health of­fi­cials.

The trav­ellers had re­turned from vis­it­ing a range of coun­tries, in­clud­ing France, the Nether­lands, Egypt, Iran, Tai­wan, Ger­many, Malaysia, Trinidad and To­ba­go, Pana­ma, the Philip­pines and the Unit­ed States. Sev­er­al of the pa­tients vis­it­ed more than one coun­try. One in­di­vid­ual was on the MS Brae­mar cruise ship.

“It is too ear­ly to know where each per­son con­tract­ed the virus,” said Hin­shaw.

Three of the new cas­es are from the Ed­mon­ton zone. They in­clude a man in his 70s and a woman in her 60s who had trav­elled to­geth­er and a woman in her 30s who had al­so re­cent­ly trav­elled out­side of Cana­da.

The oth­er four new cas­es are from the Cal­gary area. They in­volve a man in his 50s, two women in their 30s and a woman in her 40s.

Dr Hin­shaw did not give fur­ther de­tails on the iden­ti­ties of the sev­en new cas­es or their trav­el itin­er­aries.

She al­so did not state how re­cent they had trav­elled back to Cana­da and on what air­lines.

Health au­thor­i­ties in Trinidad and To­ba­go have so far test­ed 37 peo­ple but none of the re­sults was pos­i­tive for the virus.

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  1. 1. Since carnival we would have had more cases and all 50 quarantined ppl have been released from holding covid free ….2 the flight from Trinidad would have been an issue … 3 Carnival was a month ago and by simple process of elimination it is almost factual to say she did not get it from there.. . PROBABILITY of this person contracting it from Trinidad is .01 percent until cases appear in Trinidad

  2. This is totally Fake news at it’s best, the Canadian Media and these news articles are making it out like it was Trinidad & Tabago where this person caught the dam virus…..
    This person was travelling through Trinidad. So actually this person has put many ppl at risk and that should be the news head lines….. Not Canada making it out about Trinidad is the problem….. I really think Canada has to apologize for this type of harmful media

  3. Please Do NOT pit this on Trinidad. The Island had no positive case until a man came from abroad. Not the other way around. She most likely had it before she went to Trinidad

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