New bodybuilding pros get first taste of next level competition

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By Neto Baptiste

Three of the country’s newest professional athletes had their first taste of competition at the highest level over the weekend.

This is according to president of the bodybuilding federation, Dave George, who said that just mere hours after being offered an opportunity to go pro, SherRhonda Braithwaite, Leanna Carrington and Kimberly Percival competed in the pro division of the Darcy Beckles professional competition in Barbados with Braithwaite finishing in a profitable position.

“By virtue of earning the rights to get their pro cards, they were invited to compete in the professional show the evening and three of the athletes did in Leanna, SherRhonda and Kimberly. Kimberly, out of six professional athletes came fifth, Leanna didn’t make the top five so she was that fifth athlete in the category, the bikini fitness, but SherRhonda competed in figure that night and out of five girls, SherRhonda came third,” he said.

“Interesting enough, one of the girls who defeated her in the amateur show in the morning, she went on the night to beat that same girl plus an established professional in body fitness,” he added.

Asked if the country’s newest set of professional bodybuilders will make appearances at this year’s nationals slated for August 24th, George said he is yet to receive word that any of the athletes will miss this year’s competition.

“None of them have officially advised me or my executive, other than Kimberly because Kimberly was never up to participate in the nationals, but Leanna Carrington, SherRhonda Braithwaite and Michelle Seaforth, we may have had an informal discussion, but none of them have officially advised me or my executive that they won’t be participating in nationals as they were registered to all along, so they could still compete,” the president said.

A total of 63 athletes have registered to compete in the competition which will be staged at the Multipurpose Cultural Center at Perry Bay.   

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