New airport security measures

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A new directive from the US Transportation Security administration takes effect today July 19th, and it will impact the processing of people for travel through the VC Bird International Airport.
The chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Airline Association David Isaac is urging residents to be patient as the policy is for their own safety. 

The V C Bird airport implemented the policy on July 18th, a day ahead of the mandatory international implementation date of July 19th.
Many passengers were angry at the lengthy process due to the requirement for everyone to be searched for devices larger than their mobile phones, and then those devices had to be screened with explosives detectors.
Isaac says the policy has since been revised in consultation with the international partners.

He is, however, urging residents to check in at the airport early just in case they are selected for additional screening in one of the random exercises.

Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Airline Association David Isaac.

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