Netball Association Announces Under-23 Squad

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The Antigua and Barbuda Netball Association (ABNA) has announced a 12-member squad that will contest the OECS Under-23 Netball championships in St. Kitts.
The young squad headed by veterans, Patara Davis, Kizzy Hughes and Zenita Browne also comprise Adina Andre, Tanya Greene, Shernice Henry, Melinda Andre, Kika Josiah, Zellene Edwards, Kenisha Aska, Anajae Simon and Keana Aska. It is the first national team the association has produced in over three years.
The manager is Chaka Grant and Assistant Manager Tyea Ladoo.
Head Coach and veteran of the sport, Shenneth Samuel, spoke briefly on the Good Morning JoJo show yesterday commending the young team for their commitment in preparing for the tournament despite the long pause.
“It’s the first in a long time I have seen the interest generated by the young ones because generally we would have like two players today, tomorrow we have another three. For years it has been going like that but now you see the under-23 players coming out in their numbers and have been consistent.”
The team which consists of mostly players 19 years and younger will compete with a high calibre of players from neighbouring islands, mainly Grenada, a youth powerhouse in the region.
Despite having not competed, Samuel believes that the team has the goods to rise to the occasion.
“They have been training, they know the game, they can play. We looked at all aspects and we are hoping that they will make us proud.”
The former national player took notice of the fact that although the team will not know what to expect in the tournament, she is confident that preparations made previously by herself and two other veterans, Karen Joseph and Yvonne Willis, will help the inexperienced team not be intimidated but to remain confident.
“We know it’s not going to be easy but what we told them [is] not to go down there and be intimidated by anybody, don’t go down there and try to play all the teams on one night, we eat the elephant one bite at a time.”
Samuel concluded by thanking the President of the ABNA, Karen Joseph for the major role she played in gaining the financial support needed for this tour to take place and the other entities to include: Majestic Realty, KFC, Colin James, National Olympic Committee, the Antigua and Barbuda Cricket Association (ABCA), Carib Seas, Yvette Francis, Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, E.P. Chet Greene, Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board and Cool and Smooth.
The team departed this morning.

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