Nesbitt welcomes Empire’s efforts to celebrate club’s rich history

Andy “Gantone” Nesbitt (Observer media photo)
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By Neto Baptiste

Highly regarded former Empire striker, Andy “Gantone” Nesbitt, has commended the organisers of the club’s 60th anniversary celebrations and is encouraging other teams and clubs to mimic their efforts.

Speaking recently on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Nesbitt believes that showing appreciation to those individuals who have contributed to the success of one’s organisation is the first step in a long journey geared towards the overall improvement of the game.

“It’s very important to let people know you appreciate what they have done, and if each team can take a patent from Empire, I think football in Antigua would be better, and I think the clubs would achieve more. Five years from now, I am looking for Empire to at least win two championships because I am thinking about coming back home with some of the other past players to help out the team,” he said.  

Nesbitt, who was known for his accuracy in front of the goal, along with his ability to powerfully head the ball, also signaled his intention to jumpstart efforts to rejuvenate the King George V Grounds.

“I’ve been in Grays Farm looking at King George pasture, and I don’t love what I am seeing, and so I am asking, even a bucket of paint so we can paint up the walls inside the park just to make a start, because that park is a landmark and it needs to be fixed. We don’t have to wait on the government because being Grays Farm we’ve done it already, and we can do it again, so let’s put our hands together and get the park fixed,” the former player said. 

Meanwhile, one member of the organising committee for the 60th anniversary celebrations, Arlene Josiah, reminded that the activities will commence on Saturday at the King George V Grounds with a food fair.

“I am just asking that every member from the Grays Green community to please come out. We are not going to charge a fee to be in the park selling your food, but all I am asking is for [those entering] just to purchase one of our lovely shirts and the shorts are only forty dollars. Then on Sunday, we have to go and get our blessings at the Greenbay Moravian Church starting at 9:00 am,” she said.

Shirts for the 60th anniversary celebrations cost forty dollars, and will be available for purchase during activities throughout the festivities starting with Saturday’s food fair.

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