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Nelson’s Dockyard National Park mourns passing of Sir Peter Harrison

The National Parks Authority is profoundly saddened to learn of the passing of the founder of the Sir Peter Harrison Foundation, Sir Peter Harrison, a release said.  

Sir Peter received a knighthood from Antigua and Barbuda in 2013 for his philanthropic work, particularly in the National Park where he was able to donate immeasurably to the restoration and expansion work of major projects.  

Sir Peter almost singlehandedly financed the restoration of Clarence House, which today stands out as one of the finest examples of any such project in the Caribbean dedicated to recapturing the Georgian period.  

“Clarence House remains a living testament of his love not only for English Harbour but for Antigua and Barbuda,” noted Parks Commissioner Ann Marie Martin.  

Sir Peter was also a major contributor to the expansion of the berthing facilities in the Dockyard when it became necessary to provide a super dock for the larger private vessels.  

Sir Peter almost singlehandedly financed the restoration of Clarence House

His love for the idyllic sailing conditions around Antigua may have been his most endearing attraction for the island and triggered his unwavering passion to do more for its people.  

“My favourite regatta is Antigua Sailing Week,” he once told online publication, Boat International.  

He celebrated his 80th birthday in the Nelson’s Dockyard in 2017 with the return of his celebrated  vessel, Sojana, to the annual regatta. After first tasting victory at Sailing Week in 2011, he won the overall trophy aboard Sojana for two years running in 2018 and 2019.  

Sir Peter has also been making a significant contribution to the Antigua Sailing Academy to ensure that youths in and around English Harbour can also come to love sailing, not only as a pastime but as a profession.  

He will be fondly remembered by members of the sailing community in English Harbour, many of whom he gave the opportunity to join his crew sailing across the world and during Sailing Week, treating all with the same level of respect.  

“Sir Peter was a major contributor to this country’s development, and I wish to on behalf of the board and management of the national park and indeed the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda convey our condolences to his family and friends on his passing. He will be sadly missed by all of us,” Mrs Martin stated.  


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