Nation’s hosting of Queens Baton Relay deemed a success

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Antigua & Barbuda has come in for high praises on its hosting of the Queen’s Baton Relay on Sunday and in Barbuda on Monday.
This is according to head of the organizing committee, Daryll Matthew, who said the team traveling with the baton has commended the nation for the level of thought that went into the relay.
“From the standpoint of the persons traveling with the baton, Antigua & Barbuda has really set the bar quite high in terms of what the expectation is so from the moment they were met at the door of the aircraft with the red carpet being rolled out, to the reception, to the celebration at Shirley Heights, it has just been one fantastic experience for them so I think they really view Antigua & Barbuda in a different light to maybe what you see I the magazine. They have seen it for themselves and they have seen what our country has to offer,” he said.
The baton, following its trek across Antigua on Sunday, traversed Barbuda on Monday which, according to Matthew was just as exciting as the entourage visited a number of the sister isle’s most notable sites.
“The bird sanctuary of course, which I think is the largest in the hemisphere, the Martello Tower, and I am told they would also be taking it [the baton] to the Princess Diana beach which is that strip of beach where she use to vacation are amongst the activities. I think there is something happening with the school as well,” Matthew said.
Following its Barbuda run, the baton will remain in Antigua until its journey to Montserrat on Wednesday before moving to St. Kitts. Until then, Matthew said, the baton will remain under heavy guard.
“The security detail is second to none and it is a detail that is really befitting of a head of state when they arrive in Antigua & Barbuda. We do not want to make the news for the wrong reasons where this baton is concerned and so we spare no expenses or any details in ensuring the security around the baton is 100 percent up to par,” he said.
“If you follow the Olympic Torch relay around the world there are always people trying to extinguish the torch, there are always protestors and so on and while we do not expect any of that in Antigua & Barbuda, it only takes one person to try and make the news,” he added.
Bearing the Queen’s message to the athletes and countries competing in the Commonwealth Games, the relay traditionally begins at Buckingham Palace in London as a part of the city’s Commonwealth Day festivities.
The Queen entrusts the baton to the first relay runner. At the Opening Ceremony of the Games, the final relay runner hands the baton back to the Queen or her representative, who reads the message aloud to officially open the Games.

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