National P.TA. blames government for schools’ repeated break-ins

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The Head of the National Parents Teachers Association is blaming the Ministry of Education for the frequent break-ins at several schools on the island.
The Ottos Comprehensive School was targeted by thieves again this weekend, the third time in a four-day period.
Several other large government schools around the country have reported similar break-ins.
Alister Thomas said the officials at the Ministry of Education and the Board of Education have failed to
provide adequate security and cameras at all the schools.
“Those who are responsible for the management of the school from the administrative point of view; the ministry, the board, those who are responsible for the plant…in 2018 we are having this repeated problem where crime is committed at school and they can’t get it right?” Thomas said.
He posited that all schools need to be equipped with infrared surveillance cameras.
Thomas said the repeated disruptions caused by these break-ins should attract harsher penalties to send a strong message to convicted offenders.
“To those who are committing the crimes, there should not only be zero tolerance but, we should also hunt these people down and address them in a serious way so it can resonate that you do not play with students’ and the [school] plants. That is our future of the nation,” he said.
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