National high jumper reveals devastating experience after testing positive for Covid

Frederick-Loomis tested positive for Covid earlier this year
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by Carlena Knight

National high jumper Priscilla Frederick-Loomis says it was a nerve-wracking experience for her when she contracted the coronavirus.

The New York native disclosed that she was just not feeling well and upon taking a test she was told the bad news on January 17.

However, the positive result, she revealed, was not the most frightening thing as she began feeling serious chest pains and, upon running some tests, Frederick-Loomis said she was told she would have to retire.

“I had zero energy. I was legit devastated. My husband was so supportive but for me it was tough; it was tough to just sit on the couch and do nothing, but I had no energy,” the 32-year-old shared.

“I had sinus, headaches and chills and so that lasted for like three weeks and I kept on having massive chest pains. I started panicking because I had started training so I was slowly trying to get back, but for some reason my chest pain was not going away.

“I went to the doctor and did a cardiac MRI and the doctor told me I cannot continue to compete; I will have to retire because it would be fatal if I continue to train,” she revealed.

The 2019 Pan Am Games bronze medalist said the news was devastating.

“I sat up in my bed and cried. I was numb. I couldn’t fathom it. I couldn’t even fathom my life anymore. Like how was I going to tell Antigua, how was I going to tell my agent, how was I going to tell my family, how was I going to tell all these people that followed my career?” she said.

After seeking a second opinion, early retirement was taken off the table and since then Frederick-Loomis has fully recovered from the virus and is back to training.

“I got the call from the second cardiologist and I went to a specialist. The specialist said he doesn’t know what they are talking about, I can go and train and this is within a space of days of one telling me I have to retire, now this.

“It was a whirlwind and so here we are,” she added.

She is set to compete in her meet of the season next month.

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