National female golfer continues to encourage junior athletes to work on their craft

National women’s golfer Sabienea Wilson represents the Geneva College against the Golden Tornadoes. (Photo courtesy Geneva College)
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By Carlena Knight

One Antiguan female golfer has offered words of encouragement to junior golfers.

Collegiate athlete Sabienea Wilson was speaking on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show about her latest achievements in the US when she made the comments.

“I just want to remind them to keep working hard because I know we have some girls and some young men who are working hard out there at their game. It may be golf, it may even be different sports but I want to encourage them to keep on working hard, because if they do, they will see the success in due time and they will be able to see the results of their hard work,” Wilson said.

Wilson, who a little over two weeks ago, amassed a score of 78 to help her team to an overall score of 361 to set a new school record just three years into their new golf programme, has been named rookie of the week for her performance last week at another tournament.

She won the award after she shot an 83 at the Saint Vincent Fall Invitational last Tuesday to finish as the runner-up in the 35-competitor field. The Antiguan’s performance helped Geneva College earn a second-place finish at the five-team event held at Arnold Palmer’s Latrobe Country Club.

But despite her current accolades, she is not focusing on becoming a professional golfer, never mind that if the opportunity presents itself, she wouldn’t let it pass her by.

She also spoke to the challenges she faced when transitioning from the Antiguan circuit at the Cedar Valley Golf Course to playing in the USA.

“My biggest challenge was the speed of the green, but it’s not anything that can’t be overcome with a little bit of practice,” she added.

The 26-year-old Antigua Open reigning champion is presently majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Chemistry at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

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