National basketballer escapes serious injuries

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National basketballer Coy Quinland was rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre with non-life threatening injuries when he was thrown from a car that flipped yesterday morning.
The police said Quinland was the sole occupant of his vehicle and was travelling eastward on Sir Sydney Walling Highway when he reportedly lost control of the vehicle and veered off the road into a compound operated by Maulvin’s Trucking, at approximately 7 a.m.
The vehicle flipped and Quinland was ejected from it. The athlete, who received bruises and lacerations to the body, was rushed to hospital.
According to the police, the “shaken up” driver was treated and kept for observation. The police also said
that several tests and scans were conducted on Quinland to ensure that he was not suffering from internal injuries.
OBSERVER media spoke with the injured man’s mother who indicated that the basketballer was, “stable.”
The power forward for the L.J. Northside Stingers was rostered to play last night against the Freetown Travellers.
Quinland, affectionately called “High Flier” because of his impeccable hang time, was rostered to play tonight at the JSC Sports Complex.
Yesterday, the sports fraternity sent best wishes for a speedy recovery to Quinland.
Meanwhile, head of the police Traffic Department, Elson Quammie is appealing to drivers to be careful on the road.
“We are appealing to the motorists to be cautious on the road. The speed limit is 40 miles per hour on the highway and 20 miles in built-up areas. If you have already left home late you can’t be early again,” Quammie said.
“The police will not be tolerating these things once you are found to be at fault. The court is aware of the situation and you will be arrested and charged and your licence suspended. We need our residents and tourists to feel safe on the road.”

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