Nation bids farewell to homicide victim, Neltha Telemaque

Telemaque’s father and two older brothers saying good-bye to their daughter and sister.
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by Carlena Knight

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There was a sea of blue and purple, tears and a somber mood as family, friends and well-wishers paid their final farewell to Horsford Hill resident, Neltha Telemaque, yesterday.

The funeral service to celebrate the life of the “kind-hearted”, “loving” and adventurous” 25-year-old was held at the Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church in Liberta, the church in which Telemaque and her two older brothers, Deon and Devon, worshipped as they grew up.

“Today, we celebrate a remarkable life, notwithstanding the tragic way in which it was cut short. Despite our anguish, we give thanks to God for the wonderful legacy that Neltha has left with us all. Neltha always had a never say die attitude about her. I am not sure if there is anyone under the age of 60 that has more uncles and aunts than Neltha, and anytime she saw any of them, she made the most of them and I can relate.

“One of the things that I will always remember, my wife and I, is on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, she is the only one that would send us happy Mother’s Day or Father’s Day,” one close family friend said.

“Neltha was a lover of adventure. She wanted to show that she could do everything like everyone else. She would want to take the roughest seat when we were going to Barbuda on boat trips. She wanted to walk the streets with the boys and the girls if Deon and Devon are there and were going to play football at the stadium, but most of all for us as a church, Neltha gave her heart to the Lord,” another family friend said in tribute to Telemaque.

“If I were to recap as someone who knew Neltha well, in a few words about who she was, I would say she was nice; just nice. Neltha would never frown at anyone in any circumstance. Neltha would look out for those who may have bruised somewhere or someone who was going through something because she was just so nice.”

News of the 25-year old’s death sent shockwaves throughout Antigua and Barbuda as her body was discovered by a livestock farmer in the vicinity of the Burma Quarry on December 5, last year, with what appeared to be multiple wounds.

The discovery came a day after her fiancé posted to social media that she was missing.

The Horsford Hill resident, who worked at a health food store in St John’s, was laid to rest at the community cemetery in Liberta.

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