Nanton dissatisfied with Gray’s Green facility

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Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association (ABBA) presidential hopeful, Kebra Nanton, has joined the growing list of officials to express disappointment over the size and type of basketball facility being erected in the Gray’s Green community.
Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports show, Nanton said she too was under the impression that the facility, which also houses a community centre, would have been an indoor court with a much larger seating capacity.
“I saw it just last week actually and I am very disappointed because I was really looking forward to the fact that we would have an indoor facility and when I saw the structure, from the outside, it looks pretty big but when you go inside it’s pretty small. I know I heard Jules [Bowen] saying there is room for seating and whatever but I don’t see it, that it’s going to have that much room for additional seating,” she said. 
Minister of Sports and former head of the basketball association, Daryll Matthew, recently expressed shock upon realising that the facility was not an indoor one but rather a covered court.
According to Nanton however, if elected, there are plans for the construction of an indoor facility.
“From the association’s point of view you know we cannot do it alone so we would have to partner with the ministry [of sports] for such a thing to get done. We can only continue to speak with the minister [Daryll Matthew] and stress the urgency of us getting an indoor facility . . . I just want to appeal to all the teams to support us because we are here for us and vote team Kebra,” she said. 
The Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is slated for October 23 at a venue to be announced.
She is expected to face stiff challenge from former president, Jules Bowen.

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