Murderer pleads guilty

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Shawnoy Anthony has pleaded guilty to murdering his friend Kezron “Virus” Meade.
This comes two and a half years after the incident that occurred in Swetes.
Anthony chose to plead guilty after several witnesses testified at the trial in the High Court on Tuesday.
One witness said he saw when Anthony walked up to Meade’s apartment and shot him in the chest on the evening of August 11th, 2015.
Thirty-two -year-old Meade was rushed to hospital in a private vehicle but did not survive.
Two months prior to the killing, Anthony had threatened Meade’s family that he would shoot up their house if they did not see to it that Meade paid him $350 that he allegedly owed.
Meade was allegedly refusing to pay the money because Anthony had owed him money too.

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