Murderer gets 45 years in jail

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Steve “Crypto” Urlings has been sentenced to 45 years in jail for murdering Albert “Pressure Man” Browne.
This comes just over a month after he was found guilty of the crime and Justice Iain Morley had warned him to expect a “long sentence” for the killing.
The deceased, who was the nephew of Prime Minister Gaston Browne, was gunned down in Boobey Alley, Point on September 1, 2014.
Justice Morley earlier noted that the murder was done in cold blood and would warrant a long sentence.
Urlings, 27, was on trial for five weeks and during that period, the court heard that a police officer saw him fleeing from the area where the incident occurred.
Constable Jermaine Moore testified that he was in the area; he heard the shooting; and based on information he received from a witness who later testified at the trial, he chased the person he believed was the trigger man.
When Crown Counsel Adlai Smith asked him to recount what occurred, the officer said he was accompanied by a female witness and they followed Urlings in a Toyota van from Wilkinson Cross and Dickenson Bay Street, onto several other streets in Point.
He said when they reached Fort Road, he saw Urlings’ face when he (Urlings) turned his head to monitor traffic before crossing the street.
“We looked straight at each other, he was about [seven feet] away and I observed him for about three to five seconds …. There were streetlights and nothing was obstructing my view of him,” Moore testified.

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