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Murder victim’s sister appeals to killer to turn himself in


The sister of the country’s latest homicide victim is hoping for justice as police continue their investigations.
Alba “Bumba” Coates, 42, of Golden Grove, who was shot on December 26, 2016, succumbed to injuries he sustained, last Tuesday.
His sister Stacy Coates told OBSERVER media that the only advice she has for her brother’s killer is to “turn himself in”.
Police have yet to report a breakthrough in the case.
Stacy said she will miss the fact that her brother always listened to her.
“He was a fun-loving guy. He was hard working, as well as he loved to make the people around him happy,” she said reminiscing. “He always had a smile and always made you smile even when you are in downbeat moments”
She said her brother was not only full of life but loved his family and children.
Alba passed away about 1:30 pm Tuesday due to complications arising from the gunshot wounds he sustained to his chest and groin during an attempted robbery.
Meantime, the UK tourist, Christopher Tester who was shot in the head hours before Alba, during a separate robbery attempt in Old Road, may not be able to see again.
Reports from his father Tony Tester indicated that the bullet had travelled from below his left temple and exited his right eye.
The latest update from his father, posted on Facebook, indicated that Christopher has lost sight in both eyes.
While there have not been any arrests in either case, the police say investigations are ongoing.
Anyone with information concerning either these incidents is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913\14.



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