Murder victim’s mother breaks down on the stand

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By Latrishka Thomas

The trial of alleged murderer, Prince Charming Graham, continued yesterday with testimony by Cheryl Thompson, who is the mother of the deceased, Jalon “Shantii Town” Thompson.

The Paradise View resident could not contain her emotions as she recounted the incident that occurred on the morning of July 6th 2017.

She said that Graham was a Deejay (DJ) at the Jam Dung Night Club of which she was the proprietor during the time that the incident occurred.

In her account, she said that when he arrived at the bar on the night leading up to her son’s death, the accused was moving back and forth between the DJ booth and the outside deck.

She said that at one point when Graham left the booth for an extended period of time, she left the bar where she was attending to customers and went towards the deck. She said that when she got close to the area close to the accused, she heard him telling someone: “Me nuh fraid fuh tab up somebody and go up and lie down”.

She, however, was not sure who he was speaking to since the area was crowded.

Cheryl Thompson said then asked him to continue to play the music and he responded: “Me a come. Me and Jalon a talk”.

She then walked away and upon doing so, heard him grumble “me not coming to no (expletives) wey”.

According to her, about 20 minutes later she saw her son covered in blood and ran towards him.

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