Murder trial adjourned, attorney demands ‘substantial payment’ before next court date

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By Makeida Antonio

[email protected]

A case in the High Court involving a man accused of murder was pushed back yesterday.

The accused, Jenoure Craig was called to face trial for the killing of Randy “Joe” Nelson.

The alleged murder occurred in Nut Grove in 2017.

Craig was indicted and charged along with someone else. However, he is now facing the charge alone since the prosecution subsequently dropped the case against the other person.

Defense attorney Wendel Robinson was supposed to represent Craig in the matter yesterday, however he attempted to recuse himself from due to alleged non-payment of legal fees.

Robinson added that he felt deceived due to previous conversations he had with Craig, and that he had already begun preparations for the trial.

When Craig was asked to give a reason why no payments had been made to his attorney, he argued that the first payment was supposed to be made on September 30 since the trial’s original start date was set for October 3.

The prosecution suggested that the State should make the payments for Craig’s defence but Robinson said he would only agree to represent the defendant if he makes a substantial payment before the next court date.

Craig agreed and the case was adjourned until October 6.

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