Murder suspect still in custody, police file ‘holding’ charge

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Tedson Knowles has been charged with unlawful possession of camouflage clothing which lawmen allegedly found during a search of his property while investigating the killing

of his girlfriend last Thursday.

However, up to late yesterday, investigators had not filed any other charge against him and he was still in custody.

Knowles is the main suspect behind the killing of 29-year-old Carissa Chandler who was shot in the upper right chest in the apartment she shared with Knowles.

According to police sources, residents heard a gunshot coming from Barton’s Apartment in New Winthorpes close to 4 am and reported it to the Coolidge Police Station.

Lawmen responded but on arrival they were directed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre and additional police joined the probe.

It is alleged that 44-year-old Knowles drove Chandler to the hospital and indicated that his partner had been shot by someone who tried to rob them.

On arrival at the emergency room, she was already dead, police sources said. Knowles’ home and vehicle were search, leading to the police’s suspicion that something differently had occurred instead of the woman being shot during a robbery.

Knowles was arrested and lawmen also seized his van C 15593 and his .38 revolver as part of the probe. Over the weekend he was charged with possession of camouflage which a source described as a ‘holding charge’ while the homicide investigation continues.

In Antigua and Barbuda, it is against the law to wear or even have in your possession any form of camouflage clothing.

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