Murder convict appeals 100-year sentence

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According to the Guyana Chronicle, a 26-year-old man who was sentenced to 100 years imprisonment for murdering Danrasie Ganesh called ‘Carmen,’ has filed an appeal to challenge his conviction and sentence.
Collin Allen, called Colis Williams or ‘Bonus,’ was on February 26, 2019, sentenced by High Court Judge Navindra Singh after being found guilty of the murder by a 12-member jury.
Starting at a 60-years, Justice Singh added an additional 40 years for a series of aggravating factors, totalling 100 years imprisonment.

The charge read that on August 1, 2015, Allen murdered Ganesh called “Carmen” who lived alone at Lot 121 Public Road, East Coast Demerara.

According to reports, on the day in question Allen allegedly entered the house as if he lived there, and proceeded to murder the 77-year-old woman.The murder was captured on CCTV cameras that were in the house. The young man was however adamant that the man on camera was not him and that he was therefore innocent of the charge.

However, it was reported that Allen confessed to the crime when he was detained back in 2015; he alleged that he was paid some $700,000 by ‘a man’ to commit the act and retrieve certain documents from the house.

Allen continued to plead his innocence, but the judge reminded him of the footage that was shown in court and said to him: “You shouldn’t see daylight because of your actions.”

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