Murder charge

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Accused murderer, Timothy Jackman, is scheduled to make his first court appearance on Monday after he was charged yesterday over the killing of his transgender partner.
The police said Jackman is 21 years old, while Arnal “Angel” Joseph, who was killed on Wednesday in the Potters home they shared, was 25 years old.
Friends of the suspect have been speaking about the matter on social media, with most of them indicating that they know him to be a calm person and they’re still shocked by the news of the incident.
However, friends and neighbours of his transgender partner, continue to report that the relationship was an unstable one which involved constant arguments and even physical abuse.
Police sources told OBSERVER media yesterday that Jackman will remain in their custody at Police Headquarters until the court remands him to prison next week.
The victim was allegedly stabbed to death early Wednesday morning following an argument with Jackman. Neighbours said Joseph was moving out the same morning of the tragedy.
Lawmen told us earlier that the suspect turned himself in and reported the incident, and upon arrival at the house, investigators found the deceased in a pool of blood in a room.
A transgender woman is a woman who was assigned male at birth.

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