Murder accused walks free

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Murder trial defendant, Amid Elon Ketwaroo, has walked free after a jury returned a verdict of not guilty today for murder of the so-called ‘Calypso Farmer’

Thirty-seven-year-old Ketwaroo, was accused of killing her ex-partner, 72-year-old Carmona “The Mighty Farmer” Samuel during an altercation at Samuel’s Gilbert’s Estate farm two years ago.

Yesterday, the defense counsel Lawrence Daniell put forward a no case submission on the matter.

Daniel’s no case submission relied on evidence that “The Mighty Farmer” was quick tempered, suicidal, and also threatened Ketwaroo’s life.

Due to a lack of evidence on the prosecutions part, the crown yielded.

As a result, the Judge Ian Morley asked the 12-man jury to return a verdict of not guilty Wednesday afternoon.

It was said that on September 20, 2017, sometime after 3 p.m., Ketwaroo and Samuel had an argument at his Gilbert’s Estate property that led to them both being stabbed.

Samuel, a repeat winner of the Farmer of the Year competition also made it to the finals of various calypso competitions, was found dead on his stairs with a stab wound to his chest.

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