Murder accused starved himself to death?

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Kensworth Browne, an ex-police officer accused of killing his wife, died in hospital today.
This comes days after a court ordered that he should be force-fed to restore his health.
Two sources close to the matter, who are not authorised to speak, said the prisoner had been hospitalised since November 24 and receiving treatment at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre up until he died this (Sunday) afternoon.
The sources said the 56-year-old man had allegedly been starving himself for several months now and his rapid weight loss had been a concern for family, friends and his lawyer, Lawrence Daniel.
Browne’s case was pending committal in the All Saints Magistrate’s Court to determine when he would stand trial in the High Court for the murder of his wife, Judith Browne.
Earlier, the police said the woman was allegedly battered to death with a blunt object in her Swetes home in December 2016.

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