Murder accused remanded to prison

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Keneca Ryan has been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison on a charge of murder.
Lawrence Daniel, attorney-at-law, said his client was not required to enter a plea when he was taken to court on Monday because the matter is indictable.
Conliffe Clarke, magistrate, could not grant 19-year-old Ryan bail for the crime since magistrates do not have authority to do so for this type of crime.
Ryan is accused of murdering businessman Campbell Jackson, who was shot to death, six months ago.
He is also accused of attempting to murder Jackson’s son, national footballer Jari Jackson, and his friend Tevin George, who were also shot during the shooting at Greenbay, on May 25.
The teen is the fourth person on remand for the crimes. Committal proceedings to decide if there will be a high court trial is set for March next year.
Alexis Mussington, Arthur James and Kennecha Marcell are the three other persons, who have been remanded at Her Majesty’s Prison in connection with the crimes.
Ryan is the murder accused who escaped from police custody last Friday because, as his attorney claimed, police continued to question him, even after he demanded to have his lawyer present.
He turned himself in with the lawyer, approximately three hours after his dash for freedom.

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