Murder-accused police officer to appear in High Court

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By Carlena Knight

A police constable accused of murdering a woman who allegedly spurned his advances will see his case brought before the High Court in the January assizes.

This means his case could be called anytime in the first quarter of the new year.

Constable Kasroy Simon is said to have killed Nicoma McFarlene on February 7 2019 at her Freemans Village home – before allegedly arranging the scene to make it look like suicide.

The matter was committed by Magistrate Ngaio Emmanuel-Edwards in All Saints Magistrate Court yesterday.

Some weeks later, after being detained for questioning at Langfords Police Station, Simon was charged with the offence days after an autopsy revealed McFarlene had been strangled and had not committed suicide as the death scene was reportedly staged to portray.

McFarlene, a Jamaican national, arrived in Antigua in October 2018 to assist her mother Patricia Kenyon who was preparing for major surgery set for February 27 2019. But at around 6.20pm on February 7, Kenyon returned from work and found her daughter with her left wrist slit in two places and an empty Clorox bottle on the dining table nearby along with a razor.

The 25-year-old was rushed to hospital by ambulance but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

The accused is said to have known McFarlene prior to her coming to Antigua and the two were reportedly close friends until he allegedly refused to accept her rejection of his desire to take their relationship further.

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