Murder accused in Potters stabbing remanded

Deceased Phillip Lugg (Social media photo)
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By Latrishka Thomas

A day after being released from hospital, a Potters man was arrested and charged for the alleged murder of a fellow villager fatally stabbed on Sunday.

Nathaniel David Simons yesterday made his first appearance in St John’s Magistrate’s Court in connection with the death of Phillip Lugg. He was remanded to prison pending his committal hearing on August 17.

The barber – while being watched by police in the hospital – was treated for injuries sustained in a fight which allegedly resulted in the death of the 28-year-old.

According to an eyewitness, Lugg’s lifeless body laid on a Potters roadside with blood oozing from his mouth and nose.

He also had visible stab wounds to various parts of his body.

And despite heart compressions performed by a technician from the Emergency Medical Services, Lugg died before ambulances arrived half an hour later.

Should the prosecution provide sufficient evidence that Simons did in fact murder Luggs, his case will be added to the list of matters for High Court criminal assizes.

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