Murder accused free after key witness changes story

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The key witness in the murder trial against Dwayne “Little Man” Joseph changed his original story, saying that he never saw the shooting.

In 2013, Joseph and Ziggy Beazer were accused of committing the second homicide for that year.

According to the facts of the case, Joseph allegedly handed Beazer a gun moments before Beazer fatally shot Destin in his head on March 18, 2013 on Athill Street, Villa.

And in the witness’ statement to the police, he said he saw the incident take place.
But on the stand, he said that he only got to the scene in time to see the man lying in a pool of blood.

That witness was therefore deemed hostile and the judge directed the jury to formally find Joseph not guilty of murder.

Joseph’s co accused Ziggy Beazer was found unfit to stand trial sometime last year.

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  1. Reading these news articles on the last three cases where the accused walked freely, I am getting the impression that both prosecution and police are leaving the obligation of crime solving to the general public. On this case in particular, was the murder weapon recovered and finger print extracted, were the suspects examined for gun powder fragments ?


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