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Multiple murder accused to return to court next month

By Latrishka Thomas


Multiple murder accused Delano Forbes will have to wait a while longer to find out when he will be put on trial.

He appeared before the High Court yesterday and was told that his case will be called on October 25 for an update to be given. Should the prosecution be ready, a trial date will be assigned to him.

Forbes has pleaded not guilty to all four murder charges levied against him.

The 26-year-old was charged in 2017 for the deaths of Wilfred “Bongo” Williams in Swetes; Shawn Henry in Point; Lisue Williams on All Saints Road; and in 2018 for the death of Maurison Thomas in All Saints.

It is said that the young man had the sinister practice of drinking the blood of his victims earning him the moniker, the ‘vampire killer’.

When he was apprehended, police reportedly went to an area in Swetes close to where he lived and found two bottles of what appeared to be blood.


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