Multiple Drug Busts at Airport

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Law Enforcement and Security Officials seized an estimated $256,000 dollars’ worth of Cannabis at V.C Bird International Airport on Tuesday.
 Police Officers attached to Narcotics and K-9 Unit, along with Customs and Airport Security Officers conducted two separate operations at Customs Bonded Warehouse with the aid of the sniffer dogs, and found a combined total of 64 pounds of Cannabis. In one incident, the dogs alerted the officers to a barrel with laundry detergent, which arrived aboard Air Canada Airlines from Canada.
The shipment was searched, and four buckets with twenty-one vacuum sealed packages of cannabis were found hidden inside each bucket. The substance weighed 14 ¾ pounds and carries an estimated wholesale value of $59,000.
In the other incident, two barrels, coming out of the United States aboard Amerijet Cargo Airlines were found an overall total of 49 ½ pounds of compressed cannabis. The illegal drugs were found hidden among four buckets of food items. The substance carries a wholesale value of $197,000. All the items were seized and taken to Police Headquarters, pending further investigations.
Less than 48 hours ago, a similar operation was conducted by Narcotics and K-9 officers at the said airport, and a total of 7 ¾ pounds of cannabis with an estimated wholesale value of $31,000 were seized. Earlier in the month of April, over 1.6 million dollars’ worth of drugs were destroyed at Burma Quarry. This came as a result of cases that were disposed of in both the High and Magistrate’s Courts; as well as seizures, where no arrests were made.

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