MSJMC resumes limited inpatient visitation today

Head of Marketing & Communications at MSJMC Salma Crump. (File photo)
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Residents will have a bit more time to visit their loved ones at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC), as the hospital has partially lifted its visitation restrictions.

As of today, the hospital will resume visitation on a limited basis with the main visiting hours being from 4 pm-6:30 pm

“We are so happy to be back in a position where we can resume visitation even if it’s on a limited basis. As we said in the past, making a decision to suspend visiting at the hospital is not something that we take lightly because we realise the impact that it has on out-patients and out families,” Head of Marketing & Communications at MSJMC, Salma Crump, told Observer.

For example, the new policy allows adult patients to have limited visitation between 4 pm-6:30 pm, while pediatric patients will be allowed to have one parent or guardian at a time from 6 pm-6 am. The Intensive Care Unit also has limited visiting from 11 am through to noon.

However, Crump revealed that “there are a few exceptions to this rule because we realise every patient situation is not the same so we have made accommodations for folks like our pediatric patients, patients with dementia or receiving end of life care of patients with intellectual disabilities etc”.

She encouraged residents to visit the hospital’s social media pages for detailed information.

In a release over the weekend, the Head of Marketing & Communications further stated that the new limited visitation policy is as a result of the reduction in Covid-19 infections.

 “The number of patients hospitalised has declined, the positivity rate is lower and the number of new cases suggests that transmission has slowed. With proper precautions, we can resume limited visitation safely in most patient care areas,” she stated.

Crump told Observer that “if the data continues to trend downwards this means that the rate of infections in the community, hospitalisation, we are expecting that we can go back to our family-friendly visiting hours which are more extensive and could last throughout the entire day”.

Meanwhile, the hospital is reminding residents that “the Covid-19 virus is still active in the community and the various strains circulating can be especially virulent.

 “We must not let our guard down. Please do your part to help continue the positive trends we are finally experiencing; wear a mask, continue to physical distance, gather within health guidelines, and, when it is your turn, please make every effort to get vaccinated,” the hospital’s release urged.

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