MP calls for more consultation on Callaloo Cay Project

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The only voice absent since the second consultation on the Callaloo Cay project has joined the chorus of citizens of Old Road who want further engagement before the developers break ground in January, as promised.

Member of Parliament (MP) for All Saints East & St Luke Joanne Massiah has warned the developer that if there are not “greater and more in-depth discussions” with the Old Road community, it could become a powder keg and could combust.

“There is no need in 2017 for us to have a repeat of, or for us to run the risk of having a repeat of what happened at Carlisle Bay when Carlisle Bay was being constructed,” Massiah said referencing the violent protests which surrounded that development.

As a warning to the government, she said, “I don’t believe that this will be a fight only for Old Road. This is going to be a national fight. And every issue which is of concern to certain segments of this population is going to culminate right there.”

Al Caribi Antigua Development Limited has said that its $200 million Callaloo Cay hotel and villa project is to break ground this month, much to the dismay of residents who feel the project is progressing without addressing critical environmental issues.

The Development Control Authority (DCA) has assured that the developer has not received construction approval.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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