Mother threatens legal action over son's death

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The autopsy results on Shawn Warner who is believed to have been electrocuted, will determine whether his mother, Sandra Warner will sue Caribbean Development (Antigua) Ltd. (CDAL).
No date has been set for the post mortem, but the woman said the Coroner’s Inquest is due to begin today.
The woman told OBSERVER media she has already spoken with a law firm, “Thomas John”, indicating her intentions after having allegedly witnessed her son being electrocuted when he came into contact with a loose electrical wire on CDAL, Jolly Harbour compound on November 6. The grieving mother said that although the alleged electrocution occurred on the Jolly Harbour property, the management had not contacted her. Warner said:  “I am only (proceeding with the suit) because I know it was 
negligence and to see that happen and nobody came out to us.“ 
Acknowledging that money would not restore her son’s life, Warner said that if she proceeds and wins the case, any monetary compensation as a result of the lawsuit, would help take care of the two children he has left behind.
Twenty-six-year-old Shawn Warner was allegedly electrocuted in front of his mother, two sons, and at least one other witness – a woman. The mother said they saw when he came into contact with an exposed electrical wire on a pole which was repaired earlier in the day.
She said by the time her son was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead, his body had already changed to purple/blue, suggesting he was electrocuted.
“I know I am going to miss him very much because he was very close to me. Everything that I want to do in the house like any little thing that is not working he would fix it. My vehicle, it was down and he was supposed to put the engine back into the car, I am going to miss him dearly,” she said.
While CDAL has reportedly not reached out to the mother, it issued a press statement on November 7, expressing condolences to the family while indicating that its compound is safe.
It said, “We are aware that the Royal Police Force is carrying out an investigation as to the circumstances surrounding this most tragic incident and in doing so have removed control boxes from the lamp post leaving exposed wires.”
It added, “We wish to assure the general public, and in particular, visitors and occupiers of the Jolly Harbour area that our electrical engineers have carried out stringent tests and found no electrical leakages on any post on the site. In respect of the post which the Police have removed the control boxes and left exposed wires, we have effected a disconnection of this post from our system.”
Shawn Warner and his mother were leaving Jolly Harbour on the night of the incident, around 6:35 p.m. when they encountered challenges with the security guard who reportedly said she did not have the key to open the gate to let them out. The mother was allegedly walking away from the gate towards her son when she saw what was happening to him after he came into contact with the wire, then he fell to the ground and hit his head. The mother operates a food business in the area.

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