Mother still desperately searching for clues on son missing for almost four years

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By Orville Williams

[email protected]

Nearly four years after her son, Roman Mussabekov, went missing after vacationing in Antigua, Marina Bezborodova still remains hopeful that he will be found.

Mussabekov arrived in Antigua on May 15, 2017 and was staying in the Hodges Bay area, before reportedly taking a taxi to English Harbour the next day. According to his mother – who allegedly spoke with the taxi driver who transported her son – he disembarked close to the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. 

After that ride, Mussabekov was never seen again and his family has since been trying desperately to either locate him, or get any useful information on his whereabouts.

Speaking on Observer AM yesterday, Bezborodova explained that her son’s disappearance is still taking a toll on their family and urged members of the public here in Antigua, to share any information that could assist their efforts to locate him.

“I ask myself, I ask his sister [and] his grandma – she’s still crying in Kazakhstan – [and] we can’t find the answers.

“People I ask you, if you have any kind of idea – maybe it’s not him, but [you saw someone that could be] my son – call me.”

In yet another painful plea to her son who she hopes might be alive, she added, “I hope that you are alive, [I hope that] you hear me and you will come [home], you will give me life again. Because now, it is not life, now I only just wait [for that call].”

Bezborodova’s pleas are similar to those issued by many families who face the unfortunate reality of having a loved one go missing in a foreign country. In the majority of those situations, they are often made to feel worse due to the lack of cooperation from the authorities and members of the public.

In her case though, Bezborodova did receive some help, from the police – who she says she remains in contact with – members of the media and members of the public. In her emotional discussion yesterday, she also expressed gratitude to the people of Antigua, for assisting her in her plight.

“When I came to Antigua in 2018, I was really happy to see how kind the people are. Everybody was extremely polite and [helpful]. I really like all the people in Antigua.”

Anyone with information relevant to Mussabekov’s disappearance is being asked to contact the police or his mother Marina, on WhatsApp, at +1 514-882-9319.

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