Mother seeks help to find missing teen

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Since February 9, Juredine Pynado has not seen her 18-year-old daughter, Akailla Beckford, and she is worried that she is in danger. The mother told OBSERVER media that the teenager’s boyfriend pulled her away from her around 10 p.m. in the vicinity of Princess Margaret School and she has not seen her since, neither has she heard from her.

The mother said the 22- year-old boyfriend tried to hit her (the mother) on the night when he grabbed her daughter and this week, he was in the area in Point where they live, asking residents if they had seen Beckford, a Jamaican national.

“I am worried because the person who she left with is asking people for her and he is an abusive person,” the mother alleged. The woman said she reported the matter to the police on February 12 but lawmen had made no headway finding the teen up to late yesterday.

Pynado said it is not unusual for her daughter to go to the boyfriend’s house, but this time, things are very different and she has not even been attending classes as far as she is aware. The teenager is enrolled in private classes which she attends in the evening

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