Mother relieved after alleged predator is detained by law enforcement

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A pregnant mother has had to uproot her family and move into another home as a result of harassment by a man suspected of having a questionable relationship with her teenage daughter.

The mother told Observer she is fearful that her daughter could be abducted by the 38-year-old man who had recently held her against her will, during which time the daughter said he sexually abused her.  

The mother was so concerned that she did not allow either of her two daughters to report to school and has had to enroll the older into a new school.

On Wednesday morning, the Jamaican national was brought before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke, charged with refusing to give his name and address to law enforcement. He was ordered to pay $100 each for those charges.

The man was also charged with the more serious crime of rape which is indictable and likely to be committed to the High Court. According to information obtained by Observer, the man is known to use different aliases when attempting to coerce young women. 

For the charge of rape, he was offered bail of $75,000 with an upfront payment of $7,500 in cash.

In addition, the accused was ordered to surrender his travel documents and to report to a police station three times weekly. He was also warned not to interfere with the victim and to inform the police if he changes his address.

However, the mother shared that for now, she feels a bit of relief knowing that the Jamaican man has been placed in the custody of law enforcement as a security measure since he had no legal status in the country.  

He is expected again in court on July, 7, 2021.

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