Mother injured during delivery needs to raise more funds for hip surgery

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Martina Edwards has just three days left before she departs Antigua for Trinidad for surgery to help her walk again, and she is still in need of financial assistance.

About two weeks ago we reported the plight of the 34-year-old woman who became crippled after being forced to deliver her daughter vaginally despite asking for a Caesarean section following several long hours and great difficulties in labour.

Since the appeal was made, she received some donations but it is only enough to cover the airfare for her and her caregiver, and for this she is extremely grateful.

However, about US $5,000 is still needed to pay for accommodation during the period she has to remain in Trinidad after the surgery to replace her damaged hips.

Edwards said she has been given some verbal promises of help but they are not certain, and time is running out on her.

“I have sent a letter to Medical Benefits requesting further assistance but I am not sure how forthcoming that would be, seeing that they have already assisted me. I have been told that there are other people who need assistance which I can understand and appreciate. So I don’t know how that is going to play out,” she said.

Edwards says if anyone wishes to donate, they can reach her at 722-6499 or her aunt Colette Browne at 772-8042.

She has been in pain since the delivery of her stillborn baby in May last year, and has been unable to walk since July.

But it was only in December that Edwards got the devastating diagnosis that she has avascular necrosis.

The doctors told her the tissues on her hips had died, likely due to pressure during the vaginal delivery which interrupted blood supply. Hip replacement offers her only hope of ever walking again.

The money she received earlier from Medical Benefits and her insurance can only cover the near US $30,000 procedure, but could not pay for the airfare and accommodation for the prolonged period for which she will need care post-surgery.

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