Mother demands justice for son’s stabbing

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The police have denied a stall in bringing charges against a juvenile who allegedly stabbed his peer last year.
The victim’s mother, from Golden Grove, contacted OBSERVER media yesterday seeking justice for her 15-year-old son who was allegedly stabbed by one of his friends in December 2017.
Rose Williams said that she decided to go public because she believes that the officer who is working the case is giving her the runaround about why the accused 14-year-old has not been charged with any criminal offence.
The woman alleges that her son was stabbed in the back by a boy whom he considered a friend.
She also revealed that since the incident, her son sometimes needs the help of a pump to breathe.
She explained that the stabbing was a result of a physical dispute that ended in jeers for her son’s opponent, who fled the playing field where the fight occurred over her son’s shoe.
Williams stated that the accused stabber told the victim to collect the shoe from him, and this is when the stabbing occurred.
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