Mother cries for justice in son’s stabbing

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Six months after her son was stabbed in an after school brawl in Jennings and left for dead, Rose Williams is demanding justice for the 16-year-old after his alleged attacker was never charged with a crime.
Williams told OBSERVER media yesterday that she is beyond upset after she recently enquired from police about the status of her son’s case only to be told that the statute of limitation ran out to file charges so the “case is dead”.
According to her, this is not sitting well with her and her son who suffered a punctured lung when the assailant stabbed him with a sharp object.
“It doesn’t feel right. There is no justice in this and I want to know what happened. My son almost died and it is puzzling to me that no charges were filed and the case was discarded without a hearing. I was the one who had to beg the police to take a statement, they never called us or followed up,” the irate mother said.
She explained that her son was hospitalised for almost two weeks after undergoing surgery to drain the blood and fluids that collected in his chest.
The mother said she was left to bear the cost to nurse her son back to health, meanwhile, the alleged stabber is yet to be held accountable for the matter.
“My child was stabbed and nothing for it. I am demanding answers and I will picket the police headquarters if I have to. It is unfair. If it was my child who had done the stabbing, they would have already charged him. This can happen again because he [the stabber] was not punished for his action. First, we were told the case would have to go to the Juvenile Board before charges, and up to now, nothing,” she said.
The woman’s son was a third form student of the Jennings Secondary School and was 15-years-old at the time of the December 13 stabbing.
She said he is also not pleased with the police’s decision not to file charges especially since neither she nor her son was contacted for their input and feedback.
OBSERVER media reached out to the police and it was confirmed that no charges would be filed against the alleged assailant who was said to be 16-years-old at the time he allegedly committed the crime.
It should be noted that serious matters of wounding, wounding with intent, assault occasioning actual bodily harm and other similar offences under which the teen’s injury could fall, are indictable and do not have a six-month statute of limitation.

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