Mother and son reported missing

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Latoya Craig, 27, and her three year old son Lanzo Jones of Clare Hall have been reported missing.
The duo was last seen by relatives on Monday and according to Craig’s mother, Jocelyn King, her daughter left home with a male companion to go to English Harbour on Tuesday.
However, investigations reveal that the woman and her son never reached English Harbour.
The worried mother is urging residents to contact the police or the family to report anything they know about the disappearance of the duo.
She says she has been calling her daughter’s phone since Tuesday but it continues to go to voice-mail after ringing out.
She says she has reported the matter to the Criminal Investigations Department.
A sister of the missing woman first commented  on the matter in a facebook post today saying, “My sister and her son has been missing since Wednesday afternoon. They left home with (HER EX BOYFRIEND) in the last picture I post it’s not normal for her to disappear like that knowing she have her business and stuff to take care of. We are trying to get in contact with both of them But unfortunately both phones are off and both family members don’t know their whereabouts and we are very worried so pleading to the public if anyone has seen them or may know any information please Contact the nearest police station or call me 268-783-5363 or 268-770-5319 THANK YOU.”

This is the ex boyfriend, Bharat Kumar, referred to in the sister’s post.

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