Moschino shows anything can be worn, as long as there is attitude

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“Couture is an attitude, not a price point”, read the plain white t-shirt over sturdy leather biker trousers worn by Moschino’s designer Jeremy Scott at the end of the Italian brand’s extravagant fashion show in Milan.
And there was certainly a lot of attitude and character in the designs the Italian fashion house showcased for its autumn and winter 2017/2018 collection on Thursday.
Pretty much anything can be worn as long as there is a strong attitude, according to Moschino, known in the sector for its daring, fun and innovative styles.
The luxury brand designer will use anything from upholstery fabric to shower curtains or even rubbish from black waste bags for its dresses, and coat hangers and round hat boxes as fascinators. A waste bin lid or a bicycle wheel are used to easily replace wide-brimmed hats while objects such as candelabras and feather dusters are worn instead of headbands.
The show, divided in three distinct phases started off with models wearing beige clothes, trench coats and dresses that resembled moving material and boxes, with signs saying “fragile” and “this way up”, or skirts made of layers of bubble wrap and carrying accessories in cardboard and juta fabric.
It continued with multicolored looks of bright patterns inspired by the street fashion of the 1980s. Accessories such as baseball caps, backpacks and wide sunglasses adorned those strutting down the cardboard catwalk. Models were wrapped in magazine-like printed fabrics, walking to the beat of music by the late George Michael.
The eclectic show ended with a model wearing a red velvet skirt and top, choreographically ripped from the matching curtains at the top of the runway on the notes of Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto.
She opened the way to tight black short dresses, white ones with Moschino written all over them and more extravagant designs such as a leather dress made of long black gloves.

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