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More vehicle fires


The All Saints Fire Department is investigating an afternoon blaze that destroyed three vehicles at an auto repair shop at Clarke’s Hill on Tuesday.
The police said that they were called to the scene at about 4:55 p.m. and when they arrived, a blue Coaster bus was completely engulfed in smoke. The fire was put out, however, there was nothing salvageable from the primary vehicle.
A police report indicates that “work was being done on the bus,” at Sponnel Yard when it caught fire, and despite efforts by those in close proximity to contain the blaze, it quickly consumed the 30-seater bus.
Fire personnel responded to the distress call and put out the fire with water. When the smoke subsided, not only was the Coaster bus, C77400, which is owned by Dorville Porde, destroyed, but two other vehicles in the workshop were damaged – a blue Suzuki
van and a black Daihatsu sedan.
This vehicle fire came six days after a black Lincoln Navigator SUV went up in smoke at the Prime Minister’s Office.
On November 21, that Lincoln SUV registered to Pastor Barrymore Baltimore caught fire only hours after it had been picked up from the mechanic.



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