More sporting facilities to be upgraded this year

Minister of Sports, Daryll Matthew. (Observer media photo)
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By Carlena Knight

[email protected]

Government has announced plans over the next few months to upgrade several other sporting facilities across the island.

This was revealed by Sports Minister Daryll Matthew during his budget speech in Parliament on Friday. 

Previously, several sporting facilities, like the Radio Range, Mack Pond and Golden Grove courts were refurbished and according to Matthew, many more areas will be upgraded.

He says that priority will be given to the urban areas as they are the most densely populated communities.

“I can list a few of the priority ones like Falmouth. We have the basketball court, the lighting and fencing in that area. Liberta, English Harbour, Ovals, Belmont, Johnsons and Fort Road, are other urban area, in terms of the seating and lighting,” Matthew detailed.

Work is also expected to be done in the rural communities as well.

“The first West Indian cricketer in Antigua and Barbuda came from the south and that is why on my list of items here, the Urlings playing field and the Urlings basketball complex, will be upgraded to ensure that we can produce more talent like Sir Andy.

“Freemans Village and Sea View Farm are also being looked at, and Buckleys of course, we have a spanking new facility that we will open in Buckleys shortly, and so it is only right and reasonable and sensible that we enhance the entire compound. Bolans, Potters and Pigotts will also be addressed and we have Jennings and Bendals as well,” Matthew added.

Matthew went on to appeal to the public to take care of the facilities “as it is their tax payers’ money that will pay to replace and repair any damages done to the arenas.

He also addressed the issue of cattle that normally graze in these areas. Matthew is reiterating the call for all livestock farmers to be aware of where they carry their animals to feed.

He added that he will once again be reaching out to the agricultural ministry to assist.

Although a timeline was not given for when these renovations will take place, Matthew did assure the public that every effort is being made to ensure that sports in Antigua and Barbuda continues to thrive.

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