More backyard gardeners urged to consider hydroponics farming

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Backyard gardening is fast becoming a major undertaking for many residents of Antigua and Barbuda and the Ministry of Agriculture is committed to ensure that those involved are being given the right information to apply a more systematic or purposeful approach to growing food, through hydroponics.

As such, the Backyard Garden Facilitator at the Extension Division within the Ministry of Agriculture, Ayo Simon, said that he believes that more farmers should get involved in hydroponics.

“Because as you see, if you have minimal space


you want to use less water, this is a type of agriculture that can be incorporated with the hydroponics system,” he said.

Simply put, hydroponics involves soil-less agriculture where the plants are submerged in water and different supplements are added to sustain the life and growth of the plants.

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  1. This is a simplistic view and cannot be further away from the truth. Hydroponics is complicated and expensive. Plants are in a continuous state of luxury water and nutrient consumption. The rate of success of commercial hydroponic farmers is extremely low, never mind hobbyists.

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