‘Monstrous’ warehouse causes dismay for McKinnons residents

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By Elesha George 

[email protected]

When they returned from their summer home in New York in December 2019, retirees Mr and Mrs Goathel-Williams were greeted by what they described as “this massive and monstrous building”. 

The 25-foot tall and 200-foot wide warehouse, which was being built by Chinese people – who reportedly operate a local business – had encroached on the couple’s property in McKinnons, where they have resided since the 1980s.  

“When we were leaving at the end of August, this wasn’t there. They were clearing and building walls but when we returned on the 10thof December, this is what greeted us,” Mrs Goathel-Williams told OBSERVERmedia yesterday.

The homeowner said the developers dug so deep underneath their fence, that their wall collapsed and they are now unable to enter their backyard from the left side of their home because of the proximity of the construction.

“This is our winter home and we’re old now, and we can’t turn back, we can’t start over, and that’s why it’s so distressing and heartbreaking and we’re not getting any help from DCA … nobody knows what this warehouse is going to be,” she said, fearful of future incidents or possible damage that may be caused during the hurricane season. 

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  1. Just go ahead build what ever and where ever you feel so. Hey it’s Antigua land of do what ever you feel so, and lately especially if your from a foreign embassy. I wonder when we will have to learn to speak another language as we do to watch TV. Those folks should sue then take the money and move. That warehouse is going up and there is nothing they can do to stop it. It won’t matter if it’s a good place or not it’s going up and nobody can stop it. They are paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.

  2. Is the area zoned for Commercial Buildings.How could they build a warehouse in a residential area without the residents knowing about it.DCA did you drop the ball.Why the Chinese seems to be untouched in Antigua and Barbuda.Why do they get the okay to build anything,anywhere.Regardless if they infringe on the sidewalks of St.Johns.While the local person is given a hard time by DCA.What a place Antigua and its Officials.


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